General Duties of a Clayton Board of Directors

Dependability, dedication, common sense and the desire to make decisions based on the best interest of the Clayton Home Owners Association are the most important qualities for every Board Member.

All Board members are volunteers. Per our By-Laws a Board Member cannot be compensated in any way. But,  donating our time and talents to making a better community is a benefit to our families as well as a service to the entire community.

As a Board Member you should be prepared to set aside the 4th Thursday of the every month.  It is extremely important to attend as many meetings as possible so that a quorum is established and business can be conducted without delay.  With 7 Board Members 4 must be in attendance to establish a quorum.

If a quorum is not established at a monthly meeting,  a special meeting will need to be scheduled and can cost additional money to reserve a room,  notify Home Owners,  etc. It is a major inconvenience and total waste of time for all Board Members, Home Owners and the Property Manager if a quorum is not met at each meeting.

In May of each year,  every Board Member is asked to work at the park to issue pool tags.

The duties and responsibilities should be shared equally, for any events voted on by the Board.

We welcome you to the Clayton Board and look forward to working with you to maintain and improve Clayton as a community.